Private lessons and Corporate Grahic Design and Video Training, structured for your special needs. Keep up to date with the creative cloud.

Private classes are held at 395 Riverside Dr. in 2-hour sessions with a rate of $120 per hour.

Corporate training by arrangement. Please call.

LearnMultimedia is Mac based, but this course will let you understand your computer beyond the platform. Take control of your work.
photoshop Get control of the basics or bring your special problems
lightroom Catalog your photos with this sophisticated but easy to implement database. Improve your photos, create slideshows, upload images to your website or prepare them for printing.
illustrator From logo design to fashion design - general or specialized needs.
InDesign Get control of InDesign and it will make your life easier. Magazine design, catalogs, ads, bookdesign. Create interactive pdfs!
after effects Fine tune your motion graphics skills. You will qualify for a better job. Include Premiere in your tool box and you will find jobs that are hiring.
premiere Premiere has replaced Final Cut Pro as the video editing package of choice. It's smooth collaboration with other Adobe products makes it flexible as well as powerful. Lessons Final Cut Pro 7 are still available.
dreamweaver The leading interface for website design.
flash Create vector animations.